Our Four School Councils

All our pupils from Year One upwards are members of a school council. We want everyone to be part of a school council so that they play an active part in our school community.

Our four school councils are: the Worship School Council, led by Mrs Cansdale, which involves our children in leading, planning and evaluating school worship; the Active Kids School Council, led by Mrs Martin, which promotes the physical health and safety of our children; the Happiness & Well-Being School Council led by Mrs Douch  which encourages our children to focus on their positive mental health; and the Pupil Voice School Council which listens to the children’s suggestions about how to improve our school and acts as a forum for discussing new ideas or any issues. School council meetings take place every half term.

Please talk to our children for more information. Involvement in our school councils gives our pupils the opportunity to practise our Christian values of responsibility and respect in practical ways and to emphasise British Values by playing an active part as a school and community citizen.