Our Vision

‘A school where all children are valued, where they feel safe, are happy and learn well. We want our school to have a warm friendly atmosphere, which supports families, builds relationships and sets children up for a life of learning. We want our Christian values to guide our pupils to the right path and help them to achieve fulfilling and happy lives.’

The PTA fund our Reading Rewards Scheme which enables children to earn a book for every 30 reads they do at home.

Achieving our Vision

We will strive to achieve our vision by:
  • Valuing every individual
    Building warm relationships which allow children to flourish, make mistakes and try again, share their worries, feel valued and ‘heard’
  • Creating a learning community
    Create a desire for lifelong learning by making learning fun, interesting, and by developing curiosity and independent thinking
  • Co-operating and learning together
    Helping children to take responsibility for their own learning; helping them to work co-operatively, share ideas and learn for each other
  • Teaching children what they need to know
    Teaching a curriculum that is rich and interesting, with high-quality learning experiences so that everyone is motivated, can achieve and do well
  • Developing everyone’s potential
    Knowing our children really well; setting challenging individual next steps of learning; encouraging, supporting and guiding them as individuals
  • Teaching life skills
    Teaching children how to get on with each other through our Values curriculum and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) – seeing each other’s point of view, understanding each other and expressing themselves to one another; teaching them how to build friendships and how to resolve conflict
  • Practising how to be a global citizen
    Through PSHE, responsibilities around the school, School Councils, leading assemblies, charitable giving, Forest School – learn about: carrying out jobs responsibly; caring for our environment; practising democracy in action; thinking about others less fortunate than ourselves; respecting and enjoying our natural environment
  • Building strong links with families
    Building close relationships with families through: frequent and friendly contact; professional, supportive dialogue; informative, relevant meetings; opportunities for shared learning experiences – reading, spelling and maths homework activities, extended homework projects, open mornings, parent lunches, sporting activities
  • Living our Christian values
    Giving our children a clear understanding of the Christian faith and also teaching respect and understanding for other faiths and for those who hold them; teaching them how to live their lives through our key Christian values