Our Christian Values

We are a Church School and are part of the Hereford Diocese.  Our Christian values underpin all that we do.  We were  inspected by SIAMS who are the body responsible for ensuring that Church Schools fulfil their role, in October 2016.  Our report said:

“There is a wonderfully calm and mutually supportive atmosphere throughout the school which contributes to positive and supportive relationships and learning behaviour. The children are enthusiastic about learning and standards of achievement are generally improving with particularly impressive KS2 data in 2016. This is a welcoming school in which every child feels that they belong. The headteacher greets every child at the beginning of the day and new children soon make friends.  Parents are made welcome and appreciate the reassurance and support that is given generously by all staff.   The school meets the needs of all children and believes passionately in recognising every pupil as a unique individual, each with their own gifts and talents. The belief that every child is made in the image of God is evident in practice and policy. The school’s motto, ‘Learning, Listening, Living’, is the vision behind the key Christian values and emphasis on spiritual development. The creative curriculum provides many opportunities for the children to grow spiritually.”  SIAMS October 2016.

You can read the full report by clicking Christ Church SIAMS report.

Read more about our RE policy by clicking here and find out about our Collective Worship policy by clicking here.

The World – Respect

An Anchor – Trust

Water – Forgiveness

Shoe Laces – Perseverance

A Lion – Courage

The Heart – Compassion


A Present – Thankfulness

A Book Bag – Responsibility

A Light Bulb – Truth

Joined Hands – Friendship

A Dove – Peace

Worship Time

As a church school Christ Church aims to develop its religious character taking into account the principles of the Church of England and promotes Christian values through the experience we offer to all our pupils.

Our Christian values run through everything we do and they guide us in our decision making and our future plans. They support us in delivering our vision. You can see the fantastic sculptures we created to symbolise our eleven Christian values in our entrance foyer.

Our Christian values were carefully chosen after consulting with our school community including, pupils, staff, parents and governors.

Our Christian values, include the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and include our School Golden Rules.

In an Arts Week we created sculptures to represent each of the values.

Each month we focus on a different Christian value.  Each value has a link verse and Bible story which we look at in our whole school and class Worship Times.

January – Respect – valuing our differences, being polite and treating others as we would like to be treated

February – Trust – doing what we say we will, being reliable and working together

March – Forgiveness – saying sorry, making friends again and moving on, being understanding

April – Perseverance – always having a go and trying your best, aiming high and having a positive attitude

May – Courage – being brave and strong, being confident to express views, doing something that is scary

June – Compassion – being kind and thoughtful, being tolerant and sensitive

July – Thankfulness – being polite and saying thank you, appreciating others and the world around us

September – Responsibility – taking care of our own things, being independent, taking on jobs

October – Truthfulness – being honest and telling the truth even when it’s difficult

November – Friendship – having fun, playing and sharing and supporting each other

December – Peace – feeling secure, safe and calm, getting along with each other