The Governing Body at Christ Church C of E Primary School offer you a very warm welcome to the Governors’ Page.

Governors are a group of committed people from across the community, who work to support our school and ensure every child feels happy, safe and secure whilst receiving the best education possible.

What do the Governing Body do?

The Governing Body is essential to the effective running of the school. It is a rewarding way to make a difference to the lives of our children. Governors set the overall strategy, vision and direction of the school, act as a critical friend and are responsible for the school budget. We work through meetings, committees and visits to the school. Governors also measure the impact of school and constructively challenge school leaders to ensure we best meet the needs of all of our children.
Our Governors are people who:

  • have a genuine interest in our children’s future
  • offer time, energy and enthusiasm
  • have a desire to make a difference
  • accept responsibility
  • work as a team
  • are happy to ask questions, listen & learn

How do I become a Governor?

From time to time we have vacancies on our Governing Body. If you feel you have what it takes to be part of our team working to achieve the best for our children we would be pleased to hear from you. All our Governors receive regular information and advice to help them in their roles and full training is provided.

Who are our Governors?

Our Chair of Governors is Louise Wagstaff and the Vice-Chair is Martin Watson.  You can find a full list of Governors, how they are appointed (whether elected by parents, appointed by the Local Authority or Diocese, Staff Governors or Co-opted) and the dates of their terms of Office by clicking Governor Committee Structure & Information 2018-19.  This document will also give you details about the Committees that Governors serve on.

The Importance of Transparency

Governors hold to the highest standards in serving in this role.  This means they declare if they have or could be seen to have a conflict of interest in any decision making.  For Parent Governors, this means that they are aware of putting the interests of every child and the whole school ahead of any personal interest or passion about their own child’s education.  It also means that Governors declare specific conflicts of interest on any agenda.  In this academic year Rev Sarah Hare and Liz Smith-Keitley have both declared that they let parts of the building (Rev Sarah for Messy Church and Mrs Smith-Keitley for Childrensworld) when we have discussed Finances.  Governors also fill in a yearly declaration of any business interests, alongside staff and other public sector employees.  Part of that transparency is also being accountable to the school community for attendance at Governor meetings.  This is published yearly and you can see declarations made this past year and attendance at full governing body and committee meetings during 2017-18 by clicking Governor Committee Structure & Information 2018-19