Lunch Menu & Online Payments


Lunch Menus

Information about lunches provided by Shire Services can be accessed lunch menu April18-19.  If there is a change from the published Shire Services menu, we let parents know on the Friday Letter.  This may be because of a special menu day to celebrate an event or at the end of a term to use up ingredients and be a good example of sustainable/low waste living!

Payments for school dinners need to be made online.  From the Summer Term 2017 parents will be able to see what their child ordered for lunch through their online account.  However please don’t rely on this if you have a worry about whether your child eats enough at lunch.  We have very caring and friendly lunchtime supervisors and if you would like us to keep an extra eye on what your child eats, then please let their class teacher know.

From the 24th April 2017 the cost of school lunches will be £2.10 per child from Y3 to Y6.  Children in Reception to Y2 receive a free school lunch.

Online Payments

We use an online payment system called “Squid” which should be user-friendly for parents.  This system enables parents to pay for school lunches, after-school clubs and visits in an easier way than our old system.  Squid can store details securely, if parents wish, so that you do not have to enter the same details every time.  Click here to go to the Squid help page.

Any difficulties and the Office are able to help, particularly on Thursdays and Fridays when Mrs Wagstaff (who deals with finances) works.