Learning, Listening, Living

By ‘Learning’ we mean:

  • Learning to be a lifelong learner – to develop a love of learning
  • Learning with and through others – friendship and collaboration
  • Taking responsibility for our own learning and understanding our responsibility in allowing others to learn
  • Having the courage to try new things and to learn by our mistakes
  • Being respectful to our school community and showing respect and reverence for our natural world
  • Developing perseverance to keep going when things get difficult
  • Developing a moral code – being truthful, honest, kind
  • Learning about what it is to be a Christian

By ‘Listening’ we mean:

  • Listening to each other  – forging friendships, showing respect for the feelings of others
  • Being compassionate – thinking about the needs and feelings of others
  • Listening to others when they need forgiveness – and forgiving with grace
  • Trusting ourselves, others and God
  • Listening to God and to stories from the Bible

By ‘Living’ we mean:

  • Leading happy fulfilling lives – finding a sense of awe and wonder in the world and the people in it – thankfulness, friendship
  • Making the most of our skills and gifts for our own benefit and for the benefit of others
  • Becoming responsible and thoughtful, global citizens who value and respect diversity – peace, responsibility, respect
  • Living out our Christian values of compassion, courage, forgiveness, friendship, peace, perseverance, respect, responsibility, thankfulness, trust and truthfulness in order to live with respect, generosity of spirit, integrity and care