Arrival, Departure & Transport

Red and Green Class, the two youngest classes, leave by the front ‘Children’s Entrance’ door.  Red Class, the youngest class, will only be released by their teacher to a known adult. Green Class look for their adult out of the front window and join them when they can see them. A school adult waits with them and they are only allowed to leave when they can see the person collecting them.  Yellow Class, our oldest class, leave by their classroom door. They are free to find their parents on the playground or make their own way home, whichever their parents prefer.

For those pupils who take the school taxi or bus service a register is taken in school daily. Pupils are then accompanied to the vehicle by a school adult.

Pupils booked in to Childrensworld After School Club will be collected by a Childrensworld staff member from the ‘Children’s Entrance’ door at the front of the school.

Pupils attending other after school clubs will be dismissed by the club leader at the end of the session. Parents are asked to confirm pick up arrangements on club booking letters. 

It is imperative that parents keep their emergency contact details up to date so that staff and club leaders can keep parents informed of any changes necessary to arrival and departure arrangements.

Please telephone the office and let us know of any changes to your normal departure arrangements, such as if a child is going home with another parent and child for a play date.


The large majority of our pupils walk to school or are encouraged to bring scooters or bikes.  We strongly encourage this as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For some pupils this is not an option as they live in outlying villages. We would encourage those parents who need to bring their children by car to try to park some distance away and walk the last part to school. This serves two purposes: it frees congestion around the school, making it safer for pupils and it encourages pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If there is no alternative to bringing your car close to school it is imperative that you park safely and lawfully, avoiding the school gates and neighbours’ driveways, avoiding zigzag yellow lines and keeping access free for deliveries and emergencies.

The school car park, which is small, is strictly for staff and visitors. Parents are only permitted to use the school car park in exceptional circumstances- e.g. if they have been to collect a sick child.

Entering School – Children’s Entrance Door

School staff, usually the Headteacher will be at the door each morning to greet pupils and parents.

We ask that, with the exception of Reception Class children, parents and carers do not go in to the school corridor but say goodbye to their children at the ‘Children’s Entrance’. This encourages independence and personal responsibility. Any message for staff can be left with the Headteacher or given to the school office.  Parents can access the office through the Main Entrance and Welcome Area.


Free Transport from the Local Authority (LA)

If your child is attending the nearest and/or catchment primary school and living two or more miles from school you may be entitled to free school transport.

Please click the link below to find out more