General Information

Christ Church CE Primary School, Cressage provides primary education for pupils from Cressage, Cross Houses, Cound, Coundmoor, Harley, Harnage and the surrounding area.  See the catchment map here for detailed information.  We have children who attend school who also live out of the catchment area in Eaton Constantine, Leighton, Buildwas, Wroxeter and Much Wenlock.

The school’s current admissions policy is operated by the Shropshire Local Authority (LA), which is the admissions authority for all community and controlled schools in Shropshire. Full details of the policy, together with arrangements for admissions can be found at  You can find our School Admissions policy here: Admissions Policy Sum 18-21

Parents are advised to read the Parents Guide to Education in Shropshire, which can be found at

Any specific requests for information on admissions should be directed to the Admissions Team on Tel: 0345 6789008.

Catchment Area

Shropshire Council has a ‘catchment area’ policy. If you would like more details of the catchment area for our Christ Church CE Primary School, please go to this link and you will need to choose ‘Primary School Catchment Areas’ in the ‘operational layer’ choices to see the map with our catchment area on it.

We have a school bus and school taxi which operate around the Local Area.  Do ask the office whether this would be applicable for your address.

Reception Intake

Christ Church CE Primary School has an admissions number of 15 for the Reception intake.

For admissions to Reception Year, application must be made through Shropshire Local Authority no later than 15th January prior to the year in which your child is due to start school. All applications received by this date will be considered and parents will be informed by Shropshire Council on 16th April if they have been allocated a place for their child.

Children can attend primary education from the September following their 4th birthday. The law requires that children attend school from the start of the term following their 5th birthday. Parents can request that the date their child is admitted to the school is deferred until later in the school year, or until the child reaches compulsory school age in that year. They can also request that their child attends part-time until they reach compulsory school age.

Transfers and Mid-term Applications

When thinking of moving your child midterm or part way through the primary school stage we would advise parents discuss this with your child’s current headteacher and that careful consideration should be given to whether such a move will be of benefit to your child and his or her educational progress.

To apply for a place other than the start of Reception, parents should apply directly to the school on a mid-term application form available from the Shropshire Council or from the school office. If there is a space in the relevant year group a place will be granted. If the application is for a place in an over-subscribed year group then the Headteacher will consider whether additional places can be offered above the published admission number. If a place cannot be offered, parents will receive a formal letter and information on how to appeal against the decision from Shropshire Council Admissions

Oversubscription Criteria

Below is an extract from the LA ‘Determined Admission Arrangements 2016/17’ document. The full document can be viewed at

‘The oversubscription criteria for all Community and Controlled Primary Schools for 2016/17 are as follows:

Children who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health Care Plan from Shropshire Council, which names the school which the child should attend because their needs can be met best by that particular school will be offered places before other children. After that places will be offered in the following priority order:

Priority 1: Priority will be given to children in public care, usually referred to as “Looked after Children” and children who were “Looked after” but ceased to be so because they were adopted as defined in the current School Admissions Code.

Priority 2: Children living inside the catchment area will have next priority. If there are not enough places for all the children living in the catchment area, we will look at the following two criteria:

1) Priority will be given to children living within the catchment area who will have an older sibling at the school on the day they are due to start there.

2) After that, priority will be given to other children who live within the catchment area.

Priority 3: After that, any places that are left will be offered to children who live outside the catchment area. If there are not enough places for all of them, we will look at the following two criteria:

1) Children living outside the catchment area who will have an older sibling at the school on the day they are due to start there.

2) After that other children who live outside the catchment area. For admission purposes all distances are measured by the Admissions Team as a straight line distance on a computerised mapping system between the home address and the nearest entrance gate of the school by pinpointing their eastings and northings. The shortest distance being given priority. Where two addresses are within the same block of flats, the lowest number of flat or nearest the ground floor will be deemed to be the nearest in distance.

*A sibling connection is defined as a brother or sister, step-brother or stepsister, half-brother or half-sister of compulsory school age (i.e. 5 – 16 years), living at the same address as part of the same family unit. Adopted siblings are also included. However, cousins or other relatives who take up residence in a home in order to establish an “in catchment area address will not be included under the sibling criterion. Siblings (as defined above) must be attending the secondary school on the day that the younger sibling is due to start there.’

‘Determined Admission Arrangements 2016/17’

Transferring to Secondary School in Year 6

Our Y6 pupils usually transfer to our local secondary school William Brookes, which is situated in Much Wenlock. We maintain close links and pupils have lots of opportunities to get to know the staff, the school building and the leisure centre. For example there are several joint schools sporting activities which we attend annually including: swimming; cross country; Dance; Bronze Ambassadors training. Year 6 pupils also take part in two induction days in the summer term before they begin in the September. This helps ensures a smooth transition for our pupils.

For more information, please click on this link to go directly to William Brookes’ website.