A School Day

A Typical School Day…

8am onwards Before-school child care provision is available from Childrensworld UK.  Click here for more details.

8.30am The School Office is staffed from now, if you need to leave a message about absence.

8.45am The Children’s Entrance opens and School Staff will welcome children with morning activities and learning.

9am Registration (attendance after this time counts as ‘late’)

9.05am Session 1 (in most classes this is English based)

10.20am Worship time in the Hall

10.40am Playtime

10.55am Session 2 (in most classes this is Maths based)

12.00pm Lunch – Children can have a cooked lunch provided by school or bring a packed lunch from home

1.00pm Afternoon Registration

1.05pm Session 3

2.15pm Session 4 (Red Class often have an afternoon break outside at this time)

3.00pm Storytime

3.15pm End of the Day and Home time or start of After-School Club or Childrensworld After School Care

4.15pm End of After-School Club – Home or to Childrensworld

6.00pm Childrensworld finishes